My German Story

My name is Kate, I am a US American living in Berlin, Germany.  I have been studying German off and on for the last 15 years. yikes!

I was first introduced to German in my Sophomore year of High School. It was only one semester to give us a taste of what's to come. For in the next year, our Junior year, all students had to choose a language to study exclusively, the choice was between Latin, which I had already had 2 years of at this time, or German. I chose German. Sorry Latin, but your dead, a dead language that is.

In college I took German as my minor and was involved in a Study Abroad program, called KIIS (pronounced 'keys'), The Kentucky Institute for International Studies. Through this organization I spent the fall and winter of 2002 in Regensburg, Germany.  I stayed with a host family and took German language classes at Universität Regensburg with my fellow KIIS classmates. I loved it! I was hooked. I knew then that I wanted to get back somehow and really learn the language.

After my graduation I had a three year German Language Hiatus, during which, I lived in Chicago and subsequently improved my Spanish. Spanish is another language love of mine.

In fall 2007 I moved to Germany. I had been excepted into an International Master program at the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, the BTU.  After just over a year there on campus, I moved north to Berlin where I have been living ever since. I have since graduated with a Masters. yippee!

German is now a large part of my daily life, and I really enjoy learning and using it. So why not share what I've learned while living here. No expert explanations, just my observations from living in the thick of it all, in the Hauptstadt.