Monday, December 9, 2013

Kein Deutscher Weihnachtsfilm?

For today's Media Monday, I had really tried hard to find an original German Christmas Movie to share. There doesn't appear to be one. Which I find hard to believe. At least there isn't one that any of the Germans I asked can remember.

Ok, so then there must be some Christmas movie that is played on TV every year that everyone watches or  at least has seen at some point. Like It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart which gets played multiple times on TV during the Christmas Season back in the states. There has got to be something like that then, right? Well apparently the answer to that is a big fat NEIN.

I have to say I am a little bummed and I feel a little sorry for the kiddos. This is a little dramatic, but I mean, I grew up with all kind of Christmas movies, and Cartoons. There are still a few that I gladly watch as an adult.  For example, my 'Gotta watch for Christmas' list leaders, in no particular order, are A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965, Animated), The Little Drummer Boy (1968, Claymation), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964, Claymation) and A Christmas Story (1983).

I am just so surprised that in Germany, a country that I so easily associate with Christmas. We get Christmas Tree from them for starters. And the songs O' Christmas Tree and Silent Night were originally German Christmas songs. After all that they would surely have one movie! A Christmas Short,  cartoon, something!!

Alas I did not find what I was looking for. Though I did find this short little animated story, called Zwei Euros für den Weihnachtsmann, Two Euros for Santa Claus (The Christmas Man), by Björn Steffens and read by Wolfgang Stössel. It is better then nothing, I didn't want to leave you empty handed.

The story, itself is a nice little Christmas story. It may be a little fast for some of you, but the images should help you to understand the basic story.

If anyone knows of a German Christmas Movie or Movie Tradition, Please share. I am sure there is something out there!

Update: Check the comments!! 


  1. Oh, there are a lot tv-films that appear each christmas on television. It is THE time for fairy tale stories. Old and very famous ones like "Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel" (one of my all time favourites), since a few years ARD produces each christmas 6 new fariy tale films, which are all shown around christmas, then there are the american movies (It's a wonderful world, Santa Claus....), the british (Der kleine Lord), the swedish (Astrid Lindgren films), german comedy (Loriot: Weihnachten bei den Hoppenstedts, Martina Gedeck: Single Bells,....) and last but not least the 3 Sisi-movies with young Romy Schneider. And there are many more films like that. For Silvester (New Years Eve) there are the more famous films like "Dinner fo one" or "Ein Herz und eine Seele - Silvesterpunsch" and so on. Merry Christmas!

    1. Wow! Okay, now that is more like it!!
      Thanks for sharing!
      These are all new to me except of course for the American Films. And I have seen a few of the Astrid Lindgren Films, but none that seemed to be specifically Christmas related.
      I am going to have to visit the Videotheke soon!
      Thanks Anonymous!
      And Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. To me "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel" is the ultimate christmas movie in Germany. You can check it out here: It will be aired at:
    So 15.12.2013 15.35 Uhr, WDR
    So 22.12.2013 16 Uhr Das Erste
    So 22.12.2013 17.25 Uhr MDR
    Di 24.12.2013 11 Uhr Das Erste
    Di 24.12.2013 14.15 Uhr WDR
    Di 24.12.2013 20.15 Uhr Einsfestival
    Di 24.12.2013 21.15 Uhr rbb
    Mi 25.12.2013 1.10 Uhr Einsfestival
    Mi 25.12.2013 7 Uhr Einsfestival
    Mi 25.12.2013 10.25 Uhr Bayrisches Fernsehen
    Mi 25.12.2013 11.40 Uhr rbb
    Do 26.12.2013 9 Uhr rbb
    Mi 01.01.2014 10.50 Uhr SWR

    I guess dein Freund just did not know about it because he grew up in the West (and was too old at the Wiedervereinigung to watch fairy tales) plus he is a guy (who does not care for fairy tales).

    See you!

    1. Thanks Mona,

      Yeah, mein Freund didn't help, but neither did the other Germans I asked. I guess there was at least one German I forgot to ask. hehehe

      Thanks for the listings, I am so on that!!
      Merry Christmas!!