Saturday, December 7, 2013

Danke für Ihre Mühe

So earlier this year I received an email where in its contents was the phrase.

Danke für Ihre Mühe.

Which I took as, 'thanks for your effort.' I hadn't double checked, I just took it from the context. My assumption was correct. Danke für Ihre Mühe does mean thanks for your effort. Which is lucky because I head read Mühe as Müll.

die Mühe - effort, labor, pain, toil

der Müll - waste, trash, garbage

When I read this sentence, Mühe was not apart of my vocabulary and my mind went to the closes word it knew, Müll and so I read the sentence as Danke für Ihren Müll. I translated it as Thanks for your garbage, but still took it to mean Thanks for your effort. I just though it was one of those phrases that directly translated didn't make sense.

Now this week I happened to use this phrase with mein Freund. To which he looked at me cockeyed and said in English "What garbage?" Then I was like " You know, danke für deinen Müll, thanks for your effort, thanks for trying." He still looked puzzled. "Doesn't that mean, thanks for the effort?" I asked now also puzzled. Then a light bulb went off and he just started laughing!

It was pretty funny. I laughed too once he explained my mistake. I guess it was pretty silly mistake. But seriously I did know the word Mühe until two days ago when mein Freund explained it to me.

German is a crazy language anything is possible. And apparently to me that means even a random sentence involving Garbage.

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