Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Recipes!

This is not your normal Media Monday. Christmas is coming and today's 'media', is the an old fashioned one. Recipes that have been passed down over generations.

Here are a few goodies that are synonymous with a German Christmas!

Our First Glühweins of the Season!!

Is a Mulled wine. What does mulled mean? Yeah I didn't know, apparently it means warmed and spiced.
Glühwein is often spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves and anise and sometimes with vanilla beans.
It can also be served mit Schuss, with a shot, of Rum, or Amaretto. I prefer it with Amaretto. So Yummy

If you don't want to go to the nearest Weihnachtsmarkt you can always get some at the story and warm it up at home.

When you can't get any premade Glühwein at the store here is a recipe for you to make it at home from scratch.

der Schuss - shot

Lebkuchen is a cookie that is often translated as Gingerbread, but it is nothing like the gingerbread that I grew up with. Lebkuchen has a similar taste to Gingerbread but it is much lighter and fluffier. The store bought lebkucken often has a wafer base.

I try these every year and they never really do it for me. They are tasty, but I prefer the harder style of Gingerbread. Here is a recipe if you want to make them at home.

Die Mutter meines Freund had actually made us two of these. They are long gone and I never took a picture. They were very very Yummy!! I was so surprised. This was the first time I ever had Stollen. They had never looked very appetizing to me.

They seemed to be the German version of a Fruit Cake! So I was always against it for the wrong reasons. I mean Fruit Cake is the running joke of ever Christmas! You never actually eat it but re-gift it to those you don't really like. Not the case with German Fruit Cake

There are a few different German recipes for Stollen. So you can make them to your preference. They all call for Sultaninen.

die Sultanine - Raisin

And some call for these fruit jellies. Appetizing!!

Here is the recipe for Stollen.

Spekulatius is probably my favorite German Christmas cookie. It is crunchy and reminds me of a mix between gingerbread and gingersnap cookies. There may not even be any ginger in it now that I think about it but it definitely has a Christmas spice flavor. Yumm. Great with a hot cup of cocoa!

I wasn't able to find a Recipe in English so here is one in German! Have fun!

  • 250 g Butter, Zimmertemperatur
  • 200 g Zucker
  • 500 g Mehl
  • 1/2 TL Kardamom
  • 1 TL Zimt
  • 1 TL gemahlene Nelken
  • 1/2 TL Backpulver
  • 1/2 TL Wasser

  1. Butter und Zucker schaumig rühren. dann die restlichen Zutaten tugeben und alles schnell durchkneten. Teig 1 Stunde im Kühlschrank kalt stellen.
  2. Spekulatiusbrett oder Spekulatiusformen leicht einölen und dünn mit Mehl bestäuben. Teig in die Form drücken und mit einem scharfen Messer oder Draht den überstehenden Teig abziehen.
  3. Spekulatius aus der Form nehmen und auf ein gefettetes oder mit Backpapier ausgelegtes Backblech legen.
  4. Backofen auf 180 °C vorheizen und Spekulatius ca. 15 Minuten backen.

die Zutat - ingredient

die Zubereitung - preparation

Merry Christmas!!

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