Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I heard this word the other day.


Can you guess what it means? It made me laugh, once I found out what it was. I had really thought about it a while. I broke down the word into it's parts but never actually had the correct answer. It is kind of obvious. I did a face palm when I found out the answer.

The word Bildergeschichte makes me think of of another obvious, but also not so obvious word. Sprachgesang. Both these words are hilarious in there directly translatable meanings. However they still seem obscure too me. Some times I wish German wasn't so direct and that they got a little more creative with words.

Though I shouldn't complain, that may actually make things worse. Besides without all these little orderly oddities of the German language, it would be so boring to learn. And what would we have to talk or more fitting 'complain' about?  Das Wetter?

Did you guess yet?

Give up?

die Bildergeschichte - comic strip, literally picture story

People also seam to use the word Komik, or at least they know it. However depending on the conversation or who you are having it with you may need to clarify that you mean Bildergeschichte and not an actual Comedian.

der Sprechgesang - rap, spoken-singing

der Gesang - chant, singing, melody

Sprechgesang in also mentioned in this post from last year about Die Fantastischen Vier.

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