Tuesday, December 17, 2013


During this winter season you are sure to catch a cold at some point. I have been sick twice, in the last week! Only seven days apart. I have spent my last two Fridays in bed!! I am hoping that this Friday breaks the pattern! Some say; Good and Bad Things always come in threes. I hope that is not the case this week!

One benefit of this is that I have a good story for the next Dinner Party. Germans always end up talking about their ailments. It is a funny thing to witness. Someone, a fellow Ausländer, had told me this once. So I paid attention the next time I was hanging out with some Germans. Not too long into the night what ended up being discussed? Yep, Illness! and for about 45 minutes if not an hour! It happens all the time, no matter what the age group it always seems to come up. Ok not with kids but 20 years old and up.

After this first experience I shared this observation with mein Freund, who didn't believe me and was very skeptical. Though the next time we were at a party, Illness came up. He noticed it and we have been noticing ever since. It is like a private game of ours or inside joke. We always make eye contact and smile when it happens.

But back to the Vocabulary of this post.

When you are sick, it is polite not to get others sick. To prevent this, don't go out when your contagious!

ansteckend - infectious, contagious, contractible

nicht ansteckend - noncontagious

anstecken - to infect, to pass something on to someone; to attach something, to pin something on someone

Also note that, not only your cold can be contagious, but also your smile or yawning.
Ansteckende Lachen contagious laugh.

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