Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have to share with you an animal name I just learned. 

das Faultier - sloth

This is one of the funniest animal names ever! and it makes so much sence! German and it literalness is priceless.

faul  - lazy

das Tier - animal

So Sloth, in German, is 'lazy animal' Faultier. hehehe! 

Ok granted the word 'sloth' does refer to laziness in English, though it is just not used in this capacity very often. So when I heard the German name it just made me laugh. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Typ und Kerl

In English I often use the word dude, or guy when referring to a man. One of the staples of modern vocabulary. I took me quite a while to find the German equivalent.

It just sounds odd to me to say, "Der Herr da." 'The Sir there' when I am pointing out a guy. Or "Der Jung da." 'The youth/boy there'. Unless of course it is an old man or a young kid. We really need some age-neutral word for a male.
Who would have thought the word 'Guy' would be so necessary. It is quite an important word for communicating. One you don't really notice until it is gone.

der Typ - guy, dude
der Kerl - guy, dude

Here in the ad for the Movie Ted, they use the word Typ. Typ is pronounced more like 'tip' but the 'i' has a little of an 'u' sound to it. Tuip, kind of like the first bit of the word tulip.

die Type von Family Guy hat ein Kinofilm gemacht, wa! The guy from Family guy made a movie.  Here Typ has an extra 'e' apparently it is Berliner Slang.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Drum roll please!!!! 
May I present . . . Deichkind! Die Crew vom Deich!

Deichkind Webpage (source)

That was 'Limit' from their Album, 'Noch fünf minuten mehr Mutti' Five more minutes Mom. This was the hit playing on all the stations back in 2002 when I was in Regensburg for a semester abroud. It was catchy and fun. It didn't matter that I didn't understand much. I could still pick out key words and that was enough. I was an instant fan and bought the CD. My first German Language purchase.

Deichkind is from Hamburg, they first formed in 1997. They have a electric hip hop sound with lyrics that have a fun and humorous tone. They are known for their wild and odd coutumes, of which you just got a taste of in the last video.
Their first single was Bon Voyage, below. I like this song because I find that they pronounce everything quite clearly and their gentures help out alot. I am not a fan of the chick but with the basic beat and the clear German I find it to be a good song to just listen to and to see what you can understand.

So since this and their second album (the one I bought) in 2002, their wasn't much to hear from them. There was one single that did well Remmi demmi. It is more that they were just off my radar then any sort of real pause.

It wasn't till 2008 when they released Arbeit Nervt, 'Work is annoying' that I noticed them again. This album was quite different from the previous songs and style that I was familir with. In fact it wasn't that much my style. It was more of a crazy 'let's get drunk' kind of party Style, which really isn't my style.  Case in point below. . .

Deichkind - Arbeit nervt from Topo on Vimeo.

They have a new Album out, Befehl von ganz unten and again it is a little different from the previous releases. I gave you a sneak peak in last monday's post, of the single Bück dich hoch. I like it. The boys have redeamed themselves in my book with the new singles. Here is one of them Der Mond. Quite a melencoly mood for the Crew von Deich, but again it is 10 years and a few member changes (ie the addition of Ferris MC) since I first ever heard them, they are due a moody song. Do you recognize the members form the last video? yeah I thought maybe not.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glow Pears and Flower Onions

Here is one of my latest German word discoveries! Actually it is two words. The German words do not necessarily connect on their own, but through their English translations they do.

Our hall light burnt out and it is too high for me to change on my own. So I had to get my Freund involved. Some times it sucks living in an altbau when your short. The ceiling is so high that the 6 ft tall Freund of mine has to stand on the last step of the ladder to change the light bulb.

Well because of this situations I realized I didn't have the vocabulary for this task.

 How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb? um . .  anybody got an idea?

The word for light bulb in German is Glühbirne. Glow Pear. That is interesting that they named it after a pear and we named it after a bulb. The word in German for a flower bulb is not a Blumenbirne ( flower pear) but rather a Blumenzwiebel (flower onion).

die Glühbirne - light bulb

birne -pear

die Blumenzwiebel - flower bulb

zwiebel - onion

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here is a word that my work colleague, a fellow native English speaker also with a German Freund, shared with me. Again it is a word I knew already, but I hadn't ever really though about. She was the one who also also brought Kaiserschnitt to my attention.

Maultaschen are a traditional German meal. They are best described as Giant Ravioli. In fact that is how they were translated on the Restaurant Menu. My Friend's Freund thought this translation was odd, but then he realized that in fact Mouth Pockets did sound a little weird in English

Maultaschen - mouth pockets, giant ravioli

Hehehehe, mouth pockets, are they mouth pockets as in pockets made of mouths or mouth pockets in that they are pockets that fit in the mouth? I guess you have to deside which way you prefer to think about it.

These are a simple but guilty pleasure of mine. When we eat then, we slice the Maultaschen in long slices and then fry them in a pan. Oh yeah fried in oil yummy goodness!

(source and recipe)
Das Wasser läuft mir im Mund zusammen! (translation and explanation here)

This is so German that there is even a recipe auf Englisch on the German Mission to the United States website. Go check it out and maybe have some Maultaschen for dinner. I think I will!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ferris MC

Here is a new Post!

How about someone new. That is, new to me. Ferris MC.

I just learned about Ferris MC. I realized after looking him up that I have seen him before, here or there, but never knew who he was. 

Ferris MC is a German Rapper and Actor. He currently is a member of Deichkind, one of my favorite German band. ( I guess they will be next weeks Monday post). With this membership he apparently renamed himself Ferris Hilton (it sounds like Paris Hilton). Though most people will probably still be calling him Ferris MC. As my Freund does.

This evening we watched Tatort, a weekly German TV series and guess who was playing one of the bad guys. Ferris MC. So that was my formal introduction. Though as I said before I had already been exposed to his music here and there.

Here is one of his more popular songs. Reimemonster. Which I assume uses his last name, Reimann as part of the title. 

Here is a classic rap group appearance; the two main rappers, Ferric MC and Afrob and then a bunch of other guys that don't seem to be doing anything other then jumping and roaming around.

That one I had heard before but hadn't really paid attention to it. This next one is new to me. Ferris Mc apparently had a ruff childhood and much of his music reflects that and this one is no exception.

Sorry the video was not so great but most I find are blocked. Such a bummer. Ferris MC has more videos available to watch on

As I said before he joined the group Deichkind about 4 years ago and has been there under my nose all that time and I only now just noticed him. Though if you are already familiar with Deichkind then you know their videos often involve elaborate costumes. So no surprise I didn't notice the new member. 

Here is one last video. Viel zu Spat! Another good one.

And last but not least, here is a little Deichkind before you go. See if you can find Ferris MC.