Monday, July 23, 2012

Joko & Klaas

I thought for today's Media Monday I would introduce Joko and Klaas.
Hier ist Joko (Links) und Klaas (Rechts) (Source)

This pair first started as the hosts of MTV Deutschlands' show MTV Home. This was just the spring board for the two's fame. Their story is comparable to Carson Daly the Host of MTV's RTL Total Request Live in the late 90's early 2000's. Wow.  . . I am taking a moment to realize I am older then I think I am.

The Show, MTV Home aired from 2009 to 2011. Such a short time but it really made an impact. It was unique and simple and Funny!

Here is the intro:

These guys Interviewed musicians mostly but others as well in their studio that looked like a living room. They had a co-host chick Pauline. She is the blond with the blue tank top. She was also an MTV VJ. What made this fun was all of the additional skits. Often Joko and Klaas competed for ridiculous things.

One of their repeat segments was Aushalten - to hold out, to last. In these episodes the two would have to go through the same task, often a painful one and who ever held out the longest won.

The other popular segment they had was MTV Zuschauer Kribs. MTV Audience Cribs. Instead of visiting famous peoples homes they visited regular peoples' homes, always late at night and with a friend to help surprise the expecting renter. Once Joko surprises them they get to show us their pad. It is often quite hilarious.

Now the guys are the face of Sparkasse, a German Bank, 'Giro sucht Hero'. They had a huge competition against one another and this year the public gets to get involved. Team Joko vs Team Klaas.
To be totally honest I don't get it. It is just obviously marketing. Though they had a special on TV this weekend and it was fun. Though I had to take breaks, I literally watched a movie in the middle of it and then came back to it and the show was still running!! Dude Germans have a longer attention span than I do. Epic tv show watching is a German accomplishment!

Here the guys are trying to recreate the gingle for Sparkasse.

There is so much more to share. If you want more just YouTube them. These guys have a good foot in German Entertainment and will be around for a while. It is good to get to know them if you are interested in Germany and German culture.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

K. O.

Heute hab Ich lange gearbeitet und jetzt bin ich K.O.

Here is a late and super quick dose of Deutsch today. And it is actually some Dinglish.

K.O.- short for 'Knock Out'  pronounced 'Kah O'

It took me actually quite a long time to realize that people were saying KO and not some interesting sounding German word.

This is used when you are tired and wiped out. An appropriate blog topic then since I am super sleepy and wiped out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This summer has turned out to be crazy here in Berlin. The sun shines everyday but a storm cloud rolls through at least twice a day if not every other hour and dump it's cargo all over the city. What's the deal?

And now it is chilly again! I had to wear a sweater yesterday and it looks like today too. Well at least I have learned a new word for storm and I think it fits the current situation in Berlin.

das Unwetter - storm

Hahaha German sometimes can be so simple. Like Unkraut a 'non herb' now we have the 'non weather',  or better the 'none too good weather'.

the other words for storm are:
der Sturm               -this is to me the classic and poetic word for Storm.
der Starkregen       -Strong Rain, I had heard this used but had never realized it was one word.
die Wetterstörung   -another interesting word, the Weather disturbance

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ad: Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is making a run for it in Germany. I have seen quite a few ads around the city for one of my beloved American soft drinks. (Root Beer!! I await your arrival)

Ein Schluck sagt mehr als 1000 Worte. 'One sip says more then a 1000 words.'

der Schluck - gulp, mouthful, swallow

I used 'sip' in the translation of the Ad, because I think it sounds better then 'gulp'. The German word for 'sip' is similar, it is a small gulp, a Schlückchen.

das Schlückchen - sip

The fact that Dr. Pepper is actually advertising in German is interesting. I wonder how they are doing. I haven't noticed anything other then the Subway ads. I can find Dr. Pepper at the more expensive specialty stores, but they always had it. Though before they had it in cans and they had stickers slapped on them saying Imported out of the USA. (I find that hilarious)

The other thing I wonder about is how the locals actually find the taste. My Chinese friend said it tastes like medicine and drank no more then a Schlückchen and my Polish friend said it was ok, but too sweet. And the German take on it.  . . . I actually don't know yet. My Freund hasn't tried it yet and I am not making a special trip to the expensive store to buy it. So I guess I have to wait till my local Späti stocks it.

Anyone tried it yet or had their non-American friends try it?

Monday, July 16, 2012


How about a movie for this Monday's post?

One of the first German movies I ever watched, auf Deutsch, was Sonnenallee.


This movie takes place in Berlin during the late 70's. It is about some East Berliner teenagers who live on Sonnenallee. Which is a real street in Berlin and the wall had apparently crossed right over it, cutting the northern end from the southern end. It is actually not far from where I live. Well back then in the East rock and roll was verboten and so were many other things. The main focus of this movie is Rock and Roll and the power and influence of Music. The movie is a fun comedy and gives you a interesting and lighthearted peek into a time in German History that was not so lighthearted itself.

verboten - banned, illegal, forbidden

It is a good movie. I recommend it!

Here is the German Trailer. Enjoy


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Attention Attention today we have Hinweis!

der Hinweis - tip, clue, hint, sign, instruction, notice

Hinweis is a seeming simple word that has a range of meanings. It is simply a hint or tip or it can also be a notice or notification. Like a notice about the closing of a Subway station or changes to a schedule.

It is a cool word because it is one of those combo words.

hin - there
Note: In combination with words it is used when referencing something moving away from you or the subject: for example Wo hin? - Where to?

weisen - to point, to show 

When you are pointing out something you can say. Ich weise da hin. I am pointing there or Ich weise darauf hin. I am pointing that out. Hence the origin of Hinweis.

It can also be used more as an indicator. Wet grass can be an indicator that it rained. ok bad example but you understand. Or swelling can be a Hinweis of an illness. That was better. a little

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tim Bendzko

Tim Bendzko is a relatively new voice in the German language music scene. A singer songwriter who comes out of Berlin. He played for FC Union Berlin for a while after high school but has since ended up focusing solely on his music.

Tim Bendzko's Webpage  (pic source)

He released his first single in June 2011. 'Nur noch kurz die Welt retten' reached 2nd place in the German music charts. It is a smooth song with a catchy beat. The video for this song (below) was filmed in the US.

Since then he has released a few more songs, all of which come from his debut album 'Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären' the title song  'Wenn Wore meine Sprache wären' and 'Ich laufe.' Below is the video for 'Ich Laufte.' Oh the sad eyes! What a great head of hair he has too may I add. I find he looks slightly different every time I see him. His has soft light eyes one time and hard dark eyes another. He looks boyishly young like a teenager and then looks his age the next.

Since he popped on to the scene a little over a year ago he has been nominated for all kinds of 'Shooting Star' and 'Newcomer' prizes. So everyone has taken notice of him. In little over a year he has made a good impression and is off to a good start. I look forward to hearing what he does next.