Friday, April 27, 2012


So I really like street air and graffiti and I have been noticing more and more thing are being stuck to the walls then actually painted on them. Like this

I have more photos somewhere! I will have to post them later as a bonus post! But for now you get what I mean. They use glue and adhere the art to the walls and other surfaces, instead of using spray paint. It is just as in your face as traditional graffiti but somehow it isn't as off putting.

der Kleber - glue

das Kleben - glueing , adherence

kleben - to glue, adhere, bond
festkleben - to glue, adhere, bond
verkleben - to glue, adhere, bond
aufkleben - glue on

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring is here!

The weather here in Berlin in finally warming up!! Spring is in the air!!

der Frühling - Spring

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Im Griff

So I have been on hiatus for the last two weeks or so. My new Job swung into high gear and I wasn't quite prepared to juggle both work and the blog. But things have since slowed down and the dust has settled. So I am back on. And with that I have a new phrase to share.
                          .                         .                     .

This is a good question or phrase to have in your repertoire. 

Hast du es im Griff? - You got this, Do you have it under control, Do you have it covered?

Ich habe es im Griff? - I got it, I have it under control, I've got it covered

There are times when we want to be polite, but may not want to offer our help out right. We all know these kind of situations. Like when I am cooking and my Freund sticks his head in the door and asks, Hast du das im Griff?  He doesn't necessarily want to help, but he wants to be polite and let me know he is available if I need help. Or when he is washing the dishes, I may ask if, Er hat es im Griff. Does he have it under control? Though with dish washing this is tricky, because it can back fire on me and he makes room for me at the sink. Darn!!

This phrase has a subtlety that one doesn't necessarily learn how to express in a foreign language. I can remember a few times that I would have preferred to use this phrase, just to be polite, but didn't know it at the time and resorted to asking if whoever needed or wanted some help. In these situations the answer was always no. Just as I said before it is just one of those social niceties.

That said, with Grandma and those in positions above you, stick with asking if they need help. You can never go wrong with that, but for friends and colleagues this is very useful to have on use.

der Griff - grasp, grip, hold

Monday, April 23, 2012


Today, as requested, here is Knorkator!

Knorkator Website

These guys are crazy!! Heavy metal meets comedy improv. They are quite provocative and not for the faint of heart!

Knorkator is a heavy metal band from Berlin. They have been on the Berlin-Brandenburg tour racket since 1994, but didn't branch out from the regional music scene until 1998. In 2000 they finally had some national fame when they competed for the German entrance to the Eurovision Song Contest.

They are known for their wild live performances. The vocalist, Stumpen, is tattooed down one side of his body and usually only wares a pair of white boxers or a body suit, as in the photo above. Buzz Dee is the Jimi Hendrix-remixed looking guitarist and Alf Ator is the keyboardist with quite a  range of outfits, a dress, monks robes and a tutu to name a few.

Something interesting I found out is that Alf Ator was actually born in Mongolia. His parents were a German, Mongolian couple, (I am not sure which parent was German and which was Mongolian). He moved to Berlin until 1986 after his parents split and took his German Citizenship.

In 2008, Knorkator had announced that the band was breaking up. Though after 2 years they announced their reunion and celebrated with their "77 minute tour." It was called this because their set list was set to run only 77 minutes and they even had a large clock on stage to keep them on track. They played at the Wachen Open Air concert, that I posted about here.  Most of there concert from Wacken is viewable here on youtube.

Below is a TV New segment about Knorkator, it is a great introduction to the band, even if you can't understand all that is being said.

I have to admit that I hadn't hear of this band before. It was requested as a Media Monday Post topic, from my Bro. That said, I think I really like them. It is not the style of music that I would naturally turn to, but it is also not the first time that I have found out that I like a heavy metal band, thanks to my brother's introduction, ie. System of a Down, Metallica. Though still, you will never see me at one of their concerts. I can enjoy and appreciate their music from home.

Here is the Wir werden alle Sterben video below and two links to their songs Klonen and Alter Mann.
'Wir Werden' has a cool banjo intro, that I wish was just a slight bit longer and the warbally pulses at the beginning of 'Klonen' really sound cool and the black and white video is rad too!

The band's name, Knorkator, apparently comes from the combination of the old outdated Berlin Slang 'knorke,' which I have already mentioned in this post and the suffix -ator  that apparently indicates might and power. For example Terminator and Gladiator. The group wanted to be the best and most awesome of German bands. Though since Die Arzte already proclaimed themselves to be the Best German band in the world, Knorkator took the title, "Deutschlands meiste Band der Welt" Which can be translated as "Germany's most band in the world!" (?) Which doesn't make the most sense, but we get what they mean, right?

Here is a video of Knorkator singing Boney M's 'Ma Backer'. I usually only like to show groups original work, but I thought this was cool and had to share. Plus, it is a great example of their Live performances. The mess on the stage is due to their Vegetarian Air-catering, "vegetarische Flugverköstigung," where they throw sliced veggies at the crowd. (prime example of why I will not be going)  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wen man von Teufel spricht

You know how when we have been talking about someone and then they walk in the door or call, that in English, we say, "Speak of the Devil!"

They have the same saying in German, "Wen man vom Teufel spricht!"

der Teufel - Devil

It is used the same way as in English. As an exclamation. You just say it. It doesn't need to be incorporated into a sentence.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have been reminded of a new word to share.

One of my native English speaking Co-workers has shared with me her newest German word discovery! Kaiserschnitt. I had learned this word sometime before, but since, had forgotten about it.

der Kaiserschnitt - c-section, Caesarean section

At first glance, this seems to be a crazy weird translation. I too have always though this was such a weird word. I still think it still sounds a little odd, but now that I did a little research it makes sense. The term Caesarian comes from Caesar, as in Julius Caesar. Caesar in German is Kaiser. Aha!

Why didn't I realize this before? Well most likely because I usually refer to it as a C-Section, and so never made the Caesarian-Kaiser connection.

I wonder, can we do the same thing in German and call it a K-Schnitt?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ad: Mut

No, this is not a mixed breed dog! This is German for courage.

der Mut - bravery, courage, grit, moxie, spunkiness

There were a few different Misereor ads post around Berlin for a while. I took a picture of two of them. I was waiting to collect all of the ads, but I missed my chance. They are an international Help/Aid organization.

This one says, " Mut ist, dahin zu gehen, wo andere fliehen." Which translates as, " Courage is to go where others are fleeing from."  That translation wasn't so smooth.
This one says, " Mut ist, zu blieben. Auch wenn die Schlagzeilen verschwinden." This translates as"Courage is to stay even when the headline has gone."

Monday, April 2, 2012


Oh! Do these guys sure look like they like to party and have a good time! Their energy on stage is quite contagious and their music videos give me 'happy party time' vibes.
Kraftklub's webpage

This is a young new group and quite fresh on the German Music Scene. They have be performing under the name Kraftklub since, the end of 2009, and they released their first single, 'Adonis Maximus', in February 2010. Though they didn't get widespread notice until September 2011 when they entered the Bundesvision Song Contest with their song 'Ich will nicht nach Berlin.'

Did you notice anything a little off about their cloths? It was all body paint!! I guess they had some speedos on, but other than that it was paint!

Despite the release of the two song, the group never actually released an album until, January 2012. Mit K their debut album, hit stores and then hit the charts. The album shot to number one. The single from that album is 'Songs für Liam.'  Here is the band performing with Casper. I have heard this guys name a few times but I don't know anything about him, yet. You can see the actual music video, without Casper, on there webpage.

That is it so far. Like I said they are still quite new, I really hope to hear more from them soon.